Home Loans

A Home Loan is a type of loan that is given by a bank, a financial institution or a mortgage company with the primary purpose of purchasing or investing in residential property.


Home loans allow a broad group of people to own their dream home since the entire price will not be paid up front.


In case of home mortgage, the owner of the home or the borrower transfers the title of the home to the lender on the condition that this will be transferred back once the owner or borrower has made sufficient payment and if all other terms of the mortgage agreement have been met.


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Commercial Loans

A commercial loan is a debt – based funding agreement that a company or business can arrange with financial institutions, banks and lending companies. The money from a commercial loan may be used to fund different projects, operations and various expenditures of a business.


Small businesses usually do not have access to debt and equity markets to finance their start-up as well as other financial needs. Financial institutions have a variety of products to choose from such as term loans and unsecured loans which small business owners may use. And since there are a lot of products to choose from, business owners should learn to shop around.


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Personal Loans

A personal loan is a consumer loan that is granted for personal reasons. Common reasons for personal loans could be medical expenses, education expenses, and  to fund a holiday. Personal loans may be secured by the asset that is purchased or could be unsecured.


Unsecured loans are usually provided by a bank or a lending institution after an enquiry of a borrower’s credit history as well as his/her ability to repay the loan through his/her income. Personal loan repayments is calculated as a fixed amount over a fixed term.


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Non Conforming 

A non conforming loan is a type of loan that fails to meet a lending agency or a bank’s criteria for funding. There are several reasons for this; the loan amount could be higher than the conforming loan which is common in mortgage loans or there is lack of sufficient credit. Non-conforming loans may therefore be funded by special lending institutions such as hard money lenders.


Private lending institutions may back non conforming loans since private money is more flexible and allow a wider range of loans to be funded. There are a few requirements to acquire this type of loan such as substantive collateral and documentation.


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Car Finance

Car finance or a car loan is a financial product that allows a borrower to acquire a car through a special arrangement compared to purchasing a car through a single lump-sum payment. Car finance through a third party supplier will allow the borrower to acquire a car and raise the funds to repay the loan either through a lender or a car manufacturer.


An individual as well as a business may apply for a car loan. There are different car finance products or car loan products and borrowers are recommended to shop around for the best one to suit their needs first.


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Asset Finance

Asset finance or asset financing is the use of balance sheet assets to be able to obtain a loan. These assets include accounts receivable, short-term investments or inventory. Asset financing is different from other financing products such as issuing debt or commercial loans because this is not based on the ability of the borrower to repay the loan but instead the borrower pledges some of its company’s assets to get a cash loan.


Asset financing is usually used for short-term borrowing. The most common asset pledged by borrowers is their accounts receivables while inventory assets are used less frequently.


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