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We are a finance broker business located in Melbourne and Darwin, Australia. We are a fairly new in the industry that has been a part of a huge number of property investments in Australia but we believe that competition brings out the best in products and we believe that our products are the best that you will ever find.


Since conception of ZOUGA FINANCE, we have kept in mind that customers should be the centre of our business. And what do customers need? They need financing products that will work for them and solutions that will give them the utmost in peace of mind. We have formulated products that are designed to challenge traditional lending companies and to make property ownership easier and definitely more affordable.


We plan to provide high quality service to our customers through the following:

  • A thorough assessment of our customers’ financial situation to be able to formulate the most accurate solution for their needs.

  • Exhaustive and on-going research on the current market situation to be able to provide the most appropriate products for our customers. Markets are changing and interest rates are fluctuating; we want our customers to be informed on the latest changes so that they can make the best solution for their financing needs.

  • A completely free, 7 days a week consultation for our customers. We understand how important it is to find reliable and experienced information any day of the week and you can bet that our credit advisers are standing by to assist you with all your enquiries.

  • An in- depth review of our customers’ current loan products. Moving from one lending company to another is natural and if you have had your loan for more than five years then it could be time for a review. Trust that we will be able to assess your current financial needs and find a suitable plan for you.

  • A flexible list of features for all the financial products that we offer. From fast and easy loan applications and processing to flexible payment features; we guarantee you tailor-made solutions according to your needs.

  • A straightforward and transparent service for all our customers. What you see is what you get; there are no hidden fees or charges that will surprise you.

  • A professional service from a team that knows how to  service customers in Darwin. Our team is made of trained and accredited professionals that are ready to help.


Our team has had only one goal in mind since we started ZOUGA FINANCE and that is to provide high quality service to our customers. This goal has since become our inspiration for every client, every product that we offer and every transaction we make.


Isn’t it about time to get quality service for your financial needs?


ZOUGA FINANCE is your finance broker in Melbourne and Darwin for , home loans , commercial loans, car loans, personal loans, asset finance and non-conforming loans.


Contact us anytime for more information about our services. 

Our Finance Brokers

Our MFAA accredited and approved Credit Advisers have over ten years experience working in finance broking and Taxation.


Our brokers are passionate about helping clients.  They enjoys helping clients with structuring loans to suite their individual needs.  


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